A Tree Remains: The Monticello Convention and a Plea for a New Territory

The Monticello Convention Tree: Territorial Convention Witness It’s often the trees that withstand time and adversity. We stand under them and marvel at what calamities have befallen them, sigh in sympathy at their heavily burdened branches and the scarred-over gashes in their trunks. We understand the trials, and we admire them for their fortitude and... Continue Reading →

Oregon’s Littlest Lighthouse!

The state’s smallest lighthouse sits on the Columbia River’s largest island, Sauvie Island, and is only one of two on the river. A seven-mile, round trip hike along the river leads hikers out to Warrior’s Head lighthouse. So named by a small party from the 1792 George Vancouver expedition who found themselves surrounded by 23... Continue Reading →

Phone Calls on the Edge

“Please insert twenty-five cents to complete your call.” “Operator. How may I help you?” Dial tones. Silvery, square buttons with numbers that click smoothly when you press them. Don’t dial wrong, or you can’t get your quarter back. These are bits of nostalgia that we come across less and less now that pay phones are... Continue Reading →

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