A Texas Sized Mini-Mart

Everything is bigger in Texas. Wide open spaces and swathes of sky reaching to a never-ending horizon; it’s a big state. Even the gas station is bigger in Texas. Think of the biggest gas station you have ever seen. Now think bigger! Buc-ee’s in Temple Texas is one location of this record setting convenience store... Continue Reading →

Can’t Wait to Hike Again! Geological Eras at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

We are all indoors and not hiking right now, but one place on the gotta-hike-it-in-the-future-list is Silver Falls state park in Oregon. The camping is comfortable; the forest is beautiful, and the hiking provides fantastic views. The park’s Trail of Ten Falls is an experience in nature appreciation, ecological balance, geology, and even some Zen.... Continue Reading →

The Bell That Was a Cannon

Yep, went to the Alamo...but...when I heard that someone had turned a cannon into a church bell, and that it was just blocks away, I had to go find it. I may have already been standing in front of an iconic site for Southwest history when I heard this news, but THIS had to be... Continue Reading →

The Tokeland Hotel

I ventured to Tokeland expecting to see the oldest hotel in Washington state. It’s on the national historic register, playfully rumored to be haunted, and totally feels suspended in time. Why wouldn’t this adventurer go there? My nose followed the online images of food and the lake house atmosphere. Verily the edge of the world,... Continue Reading →

1st Post Office West of the Rockies!

Post Offices...Mail Carriers...Cannons in the Surf Postal carriers witness history. Think about it…who’s out and about six days a week, often on foot? Mail carriers, and they often were eye witnesses to historical events...like finding cannons on the beach, but first...   In Astoria Oregon, March 9, 1847, the first federal post office and U.S.... Continue Reading →

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