A Texas Sized Mini-Mart

Everything is bigger in Texas. Wide open spaces and swathes of sky reaching to a never-ending horizon; it’s a big state. Even the gas station is bigger in Texas. Think of the biggest gas station you have ever seen. Now think bigger! Buc-ee’s in Temple Texas is one location of this record setting convenience store and gas station company.

20200707_114145Nothing is to be outdone at Buc-ee’s. Though not as convenient as being two steps from the mini-mart door and one step from the fuel pump, but it almost certainly will have what you need along the road. You can even buy a bar-b-que. This convenience store, seemingly the size of a supermarket, offers an array of items such as baby clothing, kitchen towels, cowboy hats, and framed art. Shoppers can purchase Buc-ee’s brands snacks or even a tent with Buc-ee beaver logo on the outside. Never mind, the typical, limited snack selection of the mini grocery mart, here the selection is plentiful with a wall of beef jerky, premade sandwiches and Beaver Nuggets, Buc-ee’s own cheesy snack. Perhaps a 50lb bag of deer corn is on your shopping list? They have got it.

A stop on a road trip usually calls for something to drink. I challenge a mathematician to calculate to possible combinations a thirsty traveler could make from 20 different fountain drink options. Those 20 options are also in quadruplicate with four separate banks of soda fountain taps.20200707_114333

Pull up to one of the 104 gas pumps at the Temple location. Two long, shaded rows cover 13 islands with four pumps per island…each offering diesel fuel, makes it seem like one would have unlimited choices as to where to park. Actually, it was difficult to find an empty spot! The place was all a buzz with activity, travelers from everywhere.

If you wondered whether or not Buc-ee’s was the largest convenience store…it is. Their New Braunfels Texas location measures in at 66,335 square feet, winning the world record. They also won the Cintas nationwide cleanest restroom award in 2012.

The first Buc-ee’s opened in 1982 in Jackson Texas. They are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are traveling through Texas and need to fuel up, look for the Buc-ee’s signs.20200707_115000

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