Shark Jaws, King Crabs, and Jarred Creatures, oh my! Port Gamble, WA

Port Gamble General Store
Need to pick up a baby shower gift, a soda, and a sea shell? You can certainly do that at the Port Gamble General Store…and more. Quaint and attractive from the outside and stimulating to the senses and curiosities on the inside.

The store is filled with unique gift items as well as some refreshments. But, the most unique feature is the astonishing collection of seashells, corals, clams, mollusks, and crustaceans. Allow extra time to make your way up the old 20181229_133225wooden staircase to this museum. This extensive display rings the general store like a catwalk looking down into the kaleidoscope of merchandise below.

If you haven’t seen seashells that are nearly the size of your carry-on luggage or King Crabs that could challenge a Corgi, be sure to make time for this exhibit. 20181229_133446

Puffer fish hang bloated from the ceiling, a specimen of a hammer-head shark lies coiled in formaldehyde, rows upon rows of various clam shells create a rainbow of shapes and incredible sizes, and jaws of sharks hang at eye level to make you consider such a fate.20181229_134002

Port Gamble is located on highway 104 just east of the Hood Canal bridge and is a treat to visit.


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